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Away from Egypt

You led me Away from Egypt, Out of slavery, Away from bondage, heading For the Promised Land. I followed, free At last. But. Hills became mountains, Dips became valleys, too Many excuses to Go back. But. You come back for … Continue reading

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Miracles of the Day I & II

(photo Copyright © 2016 by David K. Carpenter) I sat down to write a poem tonight, which I wanted to call “Miracles of the Day.”  Giving it that title in my folder of poetry on my computer, though, I realized I … Continue reading

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Looked You in the Eyes

I followed You Around, listened to every Word You said. You Said You Came for me, To save me from myself Before I knew who You Were, and I believed You. But before long, I Forgot, I looked You In … Continue reading

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Poem about the Trinity

Pas de Trois (Invitation) I wander down The street, accepted by Few, but mostly Not. There is noise in one big House, noise and Light, laughter. Music that makes me think of Something I lost a long time ago. Outside, … Continue reading

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Poem from April 11, 2016

Repeat Return I run away from You because of something I did that I wish I hadn’t. I Can’t face You, You will Punish me, I deserve it but Wish I didn’t. I Finally realize I can’t Hide from You, … Continue reading

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Faith Picture

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Easter Poem

Rebirth Face down in the dirt While you hang there with Nails I drove through your feet and hands. How could I let this happen? How Could I cause this to happen? Your tears and blood drip into the dust … Continue reading

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